Meet Keerthana Rang, a communications leader, political savant and constant learner

Keerthana Rang is a communications professional and political strategist who is passionate about building cities, making life easier with technology, and telling important stories that resonate with Canadians. 

As Corporate Communications Lead at Uber Canada, Keerthana tells local stories around ridesharing and delivery services, manages relationships with the media, and acts as a spokesperson for the company. Prior to joining Uber Canada, she was Director of Communications at Radical Ventures, where she developed and supported portfolio companies on strategic communications and brand development. Before that, she handled communications, issues management, and media relations for Toronto’s Quayside project at Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company. 

Leading up to these roles, Keerthana spent the majority of her career in government and political communications, including for Toronto Mayor John Tory, Metrolinx, and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. She is a York University graduate with a degree in Political Science and International Development Studies. Keerthana lives in Bowmanville with her husband, stepson, daughter, and dog.

What do you love most about your job? 

I love distilling and communicating complex ideas in everyday language. I truly believe technology can make people’s lives easier and better, but companies that create technology often make it too difficult for people to understand. That’s where I come in!

What advice would you give to women forging career paths in the same field? 

Network, network, network! I’ve only gotten jobs through networking, never by applying cold. Sometimes the job didn’t even exist before I started talking to someone.

Find a job you want to apply for? Find out who works at the organization and check if anyone in your network might know an employee. And then ask them to make an introduction.

Keep learning! The communications field is changing every day and is now a 24-hour job because of social media. Stay up to date on the latest ways to communicate. Follow other communications experts and brands on social media and the news to see what strategies and tricks they use. Share ideas in communications communities on LinkedIn.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s a great video on networking during Covid, by Madeline Mann.

What are three of the most valuable skills needed to succeed in your field? 

  • Communications planning – and the ability to align a plan around business objectives
  • Media relations – and the ability to develop relationships to tell your stories
  • Issues management – and the ability to be calm, think clearly and plan during moments of crisis

What is one life hack you use every day to succeed?  

To be a good communicator, I believe you need to become as close to an expert in the field you are communicating. This knowledge will make you sound authentic and confident. 

When I worked at Metrolinx, I learned as much as I could about trains and building transit. Similarly, I absorbed as much information as possible about the different tech Sidewalk Labs was proposing for the waterfront and government regulations that would or would not allow them. And now, I try to learn all that I can about working in the gig economy and the experience for drivers and delivery people.

This means you need to be studying up on these topics every day!

Where can people find you online?

I’m on Twitter and LinkedIn.